Applied Acting Studio & Full Scale Production for Teens

Applied Acting Studio & Full Scale Production for Teens

January 19, 2019 1:00 pm - May 11, 2019 5:00 pm The Grande Parlour Stage

“Applied Acting Studio & Full Scale Grande Parlour        Theatre Production” 

January 19th-May 11th: Schedule below

Only 12 Spots Available Ages 12-17 yrs

Registration fee $300 plus GST (Due upon Acceptance)

Enrollment is by Audition Only!

Auditions Dec 9th,10th,16th & 17th by Appt

Text Teresa @ 780-815-0597

(Younger Children may be considered by Audition/Appt only with Director Teresa Pettit)

What the heck is this all about?

Starting January 12, 2019 The Grande Parlour will be offering a full scale theatrical workshop to teens ages 12 to 17 years old.

The main purpose of this acting studio is to give teens a chance to explore the performing arts in a more in-depth manner. Participants can expect an immersive and challenging atmosphere as they are introduced to new acting techniques, learn how to collaborate with their peers and ultimately write and perform a full length theatrical production for a live, public audience. This is a 16 week intensive workshop, where we meet every Saturday for rehearsal & collaboration.

This acting studio is suitable for the beginner as well as the intermediate actor. We not only cover the basics of performance but brainstorm and create an original production never before seen on stage. If you have ever wanted to get inside look at the production process…this is your chance.

Why is theatre important?

It is no secret that the arts and culture in the Lakeland area has been thin, to say the least. With small unincorporated pockets of talent there was never a venue for the gathering of like-minded individuals … until now.    The Grande Parlour offers something very unique to this community. Not only do our patrons get a fun night out to the theatre, but the participants in the productions create friendships, develop skills, strengthen confidence as well as help establish strong identity that assists in overall mental and emotional health. A vivid arts and culture sector within a city strengthens the community, assists in closing the age gap between young and old as well as creates a healthy and more empathetic collective.

STEP 1: The studio commences every Saturday for 14 weeks . We will be brainstorming ideas for our original script. Teresa Pettit, our creative director will guide participants through the nuances of script writing, and what you need to consider when performing and producing your own show,

STEP 2: Take a journey into the mind and motivation of a character. Once the script has been written it is time to start memorizing lines, learning blocking and bringing to life the two dimensional characters put to paper. This is an explorative and engaging process that strengthens performance skills and compassion.

STEP 3: This workshop concludes with 2 weeks of daily dress and tech rehearsals to prepare for opening night.  All of our hard work will be translated on stage for 4 showings to friends, family and public alike.

Instructor~ Teresa Pettit

With 24 years of experience in nearly every area of the theatre, Teresa brings her creativity, professionalism and passion for the performing arts to life.

Originally from Seattle, Washington, she has written and produced dozens of scripts and has a knowledge base of the theatre that is an asset to The Grande Parlour.

Teresa facilitated intensive workshops on base through Gideon Studios from 2010 to 2012. Since the opening of The Grande Parlour in downtown Cold Lake, she has instructed all ages performances of The Jungle Book, A Charming Tale and Peter Pan.

She also facilitates the drama camp on base with the MFRC for the past two years.

From script writing to character development, rehearsals to performance, rest assured you will be in good hands from beginning to end.

This isn’t a “Kids” Workshop

Because this workshop differs from the others that we have previously held at Grande Parlour we have introduced two new stipulations. The first is a minimum age requirement as well as an audition requirement. We want to ensure that the young people who sign up for this workshop are committed and passionate not only to attending rehearsals but also have the capacity to be directed on stage for a full-length, public production.

This studio workshop will give a wide range of knowledge and skill to each participant but in return for the coaching we expect a high level of dedication and effort at each rehearsal. Because we only meet once a week for the first 14 weeks, there are expectations of focus and attention at each meeting. There will also be work to be done at home for each performer (i.e. memorization, creative writing, research etc…)

Due to the limited availability of registration opportunity and the intensive nature of the program we will be choosing participants based on their ability to audition and their desire to participate. If you ever wanted to be a part of a full scale production this is your chance! Don’t miss out.


January 12th – April 20th – Saturdays 1pm -5pm

April 21st – May 2nd Dress rehearsals (daily) 5pm – 7pm

May 3, 4, 10 & 11 – 4 live performances 5pm-10:30pm

The Grande Parlour is building a foundation of budding thespians whom are passionate for the arts. Our dream one day is to have a Arts School in our community to further mold and give our youth an opportunity to grow and fully express themselves. To create an arts community for the betterment and overall health for everyone!!


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