Oct 12th~Pig Girl~9:30pm

Oct 12th~Pig Girl~9:30pm

October 12, 2019 9:30 pm - 10:30 pm The Grande Parlour Stage

“Pig Girl”

An Award Winning Script

Written by Colleen Murphy

Winner of Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama 2016

Winner of Carol Bolt Award 2014

Directed by Teresa Pettit


A One Hour, One Act

Live Drama Production


Show Dates

Oct 4th~8:00pm, Oct 5th~7:00pm & 9:30pm

Oct 11th~8:00pm, Oct 12th~7:00pm & 9:30pm

Tickets on Sale August 18th


Pig Girl is a deeply profound and moving production written by Canadian Playwright, Colleen Murphy.

The play was the winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama in 2016 as well as the Carol Bolt award in 2014. Pig Girl is based on true events by following the stories of 4 fictional characters.

The Stage:

For sixty minutes a Killer holds a Dying Woman captive in a secluded barn. Their names say it all; there is no escaping the horrific conclusion. In the empty space to either side are the Dying Woman’s Sister and the Cop. Their action spans nine years as the sister beats her head against a police force agonizingly slow to investigate the disappearance of marginalized sex workers. The Cop, who is “caught within a justice system that has made him apathetic and narrow-minded,” eventually comes to understand that his actions and lack thereof, were deeply wrong.

The play gives a fictional victim’s story back to her, as the Dying Woman fights to refuse the inevitable. It will not help her, but her heroic defiance gives voice to women whose lives or spirits have been lost to violence.

Set in the barn on a pig farm, each of Pig Girl’s four fictionalized characters — The Dying Woman(Miranda Legge), The Killer(Ryan Bailey), The Cop(Zac Hunter) and The Sister(April Simard) — describe their perspectives and experiences of the events inspired by the Robert Pickton case.

Pig Girl, first produced in November 2013 and then published in November 2015, is a play by Colleen Murphy that draws upon the events of the 2007 Pickton case surrounding the murders of Indigenous women by Port Coquitlam pig farmer Robert Pickton. The play tells the stories of the fictionalized characters Dying Girl, Killer, Sister, and Police Officer in order to illuminate the Canadian issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women. Pig Girl was awarded both a Carol Bolt Award and a Governor General’s Award.

Having been performed only by professional theaters across Canada and the U.K., The Grande Parlour Theatre will be the very first amateur theatre company to have the privilege of presenting Pig Girl and for the first time in a rural community. 


“It’s a powerful and provocative story, told with beauty and utter fearlessness.” —Paula Simmons, The Edmonton Journal

“Pig Girl succeeds not only in giving voice to the dead but by vocalising an important social injustice of its own: a missing prostitute is distinctly different from a missing person.” —Alecia Marshall, British Theatre Guide

“Murphy’s work is refreshingly unpredictable…She is a keen observer, a shrewd and independent-minded analyst. And a terrific writer, with un-showy, economical dialogue, and tightly structured action. . .Building tension, never sensationalizing, or exploiting the suffering of the victim she shows—a bright student sunk into drug-addiction and lured to the farm by promises of new pharmaceuticals—Murphy gives depth to each character.” —Timothy Ramsden, ReviewsGate, London UK


Cafe will be Open from 4:30pm for meal and drink purchase which can be taken into the theatre. To avoid Latte/Food lineup we will have a CASH BAR just for alcohol. Grande Parlour Theatre doors open 45 mins prior to Show Time listed on ticket.

All seats purchased together, as per row #, will be reserved together in that row, but will be organized and located by The Grande Parlour.

*** If special requests or wheel chair seats are required please contact Craig Konechny, prior to ticket purchase, at Beantrees Cafe at 780-594-4177


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